Impressed by “IMPRESS” – The innovative exerciser. 

As a Chartered Physiotherapist I am often asked by many of my patients, if there happens to be an exercise regime/equipment that I am happy to endorse.

Realising that there is an array of exercise gadgets available for the keen exerciser- many of which claim to be the best in its field - it should not come as a surprise that I have, more often that not, avoided promoting any particular fitness product.

That said, having recently tested a new innovative exercise product aptly named “Impress” I am now happy to recommend this exciting invention, owing to the fact that it offers a complete and compact fitness system, from the gentlest workout through to the most vigorous training regime.

So what makes “Impress” different and sets it a part from its counterparts? 
The answer is simple yet ingenious: It is lightweight, portable, and offers a varied exercise programme that is suitable for the beginner or for someone who is recovering from muscle strain or rehabilitating after an orthopaedic operation.
Yet, its does not stop there, as it is also suitable for the healthy intermediate who is enthusiastic to workout, but is not keen to go regularly to the gym.

However, this excellent exerciser is sturdy and challenging enough for the most committed fitness adherent.
What can I say: “Impress” has it all, and that is why, as a Physiotherapist, I am more than happy to recommend it without reservation, to any of my patients who I feel may benefit from this wonderful exercise system.
Anita Tattershall BSc MCSP


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